Selling the new project

at Galerie Falko Alexander
1st february 2019
19.00 CET
Cologne, Germany

a metamodern ritual and an artgame about selling, buying, owning, creating and speculating with art as part of the groupshow
ALL IN/6 with Arno Beck, Matthias Danberg, Florian Kuhlmann, Anna Nero, Michael Reisch, Roland Schappert

the happening is based on the idea of and THE GIFT

there will be 16 equal handsigned images
the price for image no1 is 2€
the price always doubles
you get your money back if someone buys another piece

together and with the power of the market we create a new and unique piece
(or you just download it here new project)


Galerie Falko Alexander - Cologne 2019

KM.Temporaer - Berlin 2012